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April 2023


2022|12|14 SAJTÓKÖZLEMÉNY NAPELEMES RENDSZER TELEPÍTÉSE A GRAVIC HUNGARY KFT-NÉL A GRAVIC HUNGARY Kft. 61 milló forint vissza nem térítendő támogatást nyert el a GINOP-4.1.4-19 Megújuló energia használatát, energiahatékonyság növelését célzó épületenergetikai fejlesztések támogatása című pályázati kiíráson belül. A pályázat keretén belül a Társaság 4031 Debrecen, Kígyóhagyma u. 2., hrsz. 376/8. alatti telephelyén napelemes rendszer telepítése [...]

March 2022

Adhesives Part 2

Adhesives: types and applications. Part 2 After getting to know more about adhesives - their origins, types and application areas, we demonstrated that hardly any product surrounding us does not contain at least one adhesive - be it the label on a beverage bottle, protective coatings on automobiles, or profiles on window frames. In this [...]

January 2022

Adhesives Part 1

Adhesives: types and applications. Part 1 For over 50 years the Gravic Group has been producing, innovating and customizing adhesive labels that meet many special requirements and standards. Our clients benefit from our wide range of technical adhesives labels, identification labels and other printed adhesives. As industry experts, we are very pleased to share with [...]

November 2021

Industrial Lamination

Industrial Lamination. Hot vs Cold Lamination Laminating is a process of bonding two or more flexible packaging webs using a bonding agent. Webs can consist of films, papers or aluminum foils. Overall, an adhesive is applied to the less absorbent substrate web, after which the second web is pressed against it to produce a duplex, [...]

October 2021

Foam Gaskets

Foam Gaskets and how to choose the right one for your business Foam gaskets provide reliable sealing, cushioning, and insulation in a variety of applications. Foam is a very popular material in the industrial world thanks to its diverse features and functionalities. It’s been used almost in every industrial sector - from automotive and appliances to [...]

September 2021

Heat Shields

Multiple thermal management solutions are available today in order to manage heat efficiently. In our recent blog post we covered Thermal Insulation and talked about the materials in use nowadays. In today’s article we’ll talk about Heat Shields. It’s important to learn about this type of products, how it works and what are the benefits [...]

August 2021

Thermal Insulation

In our Thermal Interface Materials blog post, we talked about the importance of managing heat properly. If not carefully managed, this heat can negatively affect or even damage your electronic appliances. In order to prevent heat related issues and extend the operating lifetime of electronic components, multiple solutions are available today like blocking, insulating or [...]

July 2021

All you need to know about a Superior Bonding Solution

If you were looking for a highly effective bonding solution - durable, flexible and cost-effective – you just found it! The superior solution nowadays that is hardly a choice for anyone is a High Performance Bonding Tape. What is a High Performance Bonding tape? It’s a two-sided adhesive tape for high performance bonding. It was [...]

May 2021

RFID System

What is RFID? RFID, which stands for Radio Frequency Identification, is the wireless use of radio frequency waves to uniquely identify and track tags automatically. RFID brings auto-ID technology to the next level by allowing tags to be read without line of sight. Historically, RIFDs were widely used in the World War II to identify [...]

May 2021

Gravic and the automotive industry. Part 2

Before our final Automotive products are ready for shipment and delivered to our customers, they are required to go through 2 final steps so they are ready for immediate use and in order to increase their resistance and durability. Click here to see the full brochure of Automotive applications. Lamination A technology of producing multiple [...]

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