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November 2020

Zoom in Gravic Hungary

Gravic Hungary is located in the historically and culturally rich city of Debrecen (the capital of Hungary’s Northern Great Plain region and its second biggest city). The factory opened in 2005 and we have moved to our current building in 2013. We like to refer to Gravic Hungary as our Eastern European tiger, thanks to [...]

November 2020

Thermal Interface Materials

All electronic appliances generate heat. If not carefully managed, this heat can negatively affect or even damage these appliances. The performance of their electrical components deteriorates beyond certain limits and may even be completely destroyed if the temperature exceeds the acceptable temperature range. With the rise of miniaturisation and an increase in the power of [...]

September 2020

Zoom in Gravic France

Gravic France, the headquarter of Gravic Group, is located in a beautiful and picturesque town of Mouans Sartoux (Alpes-Maritimes, southeastern France). It is where it all began and where ‘Gravic’s culture’, experience and passion come from. Experienced professionals Founded in 1967, Gravic France employs now 48 people and continues to excel at a wide range [...]

August 2020

Face and back plates

At Gravic Group, we manufacture a variety of face and back plates for our industry partners who appreciate our ability to quickly design or adapt these products to their exact specifications, requirements and criteria. Face plates A face plate provides graphical and functional solutions for human-machine interfaces. It contributes to the visual identity of a [...]

July 2020

Die-cutting technology

Die-cutting is a technical name for changing the form of raw materials, for press-cutting them into the desired shape. It’s the key step allowing Gravic to complete the final product. At Gravic, we buy raw materials in bulk, in a flat or rolled-up form, which we then cut to shape (using a pressing knife, a [...]

June 2020


GINOP-1.2.1-14-2014-00223– Gravic Hungary Kft A támogatás mértéke: 41.85% A szerződött támogatás összege: 100 000 000 Ft. A projekt befejezési dátuma: 2015.01.06. A projekt tartalmának bemutatása: Jelen projekt keretében a GRAVIC Hungary Kft. új digitális technológia bevezetését valósítja meg, melyet a HP Indigó WS6800 7 színes digitális nyomdagép képvisel. A berendezés minden szempontból a piacon elérhető legjobb technológiát képviseli. [...]

June 2020

The new visual identity of the Gravic Group

We are delighted to announce the creation of our new visual identity. Reasons for the re-brand Since its foundation in France in 1967, the Gravic Group has grown rapidly (see our story below), becoming one of the leading experts in high-quality technical labels and die-cut industry in Europe. Building on these 53 years of experience, [...]

May 2020

Gravic Group in Start News

"The family business, founded in 1967, has been able to develop its expertise and abilities to become a leader in printing and technical cutting. Its objectives at the start of this year are to open a production site in China, and to move to industry 4.0."  VIEW OR DOWNLOAD THIS POST IN PDF FORMAT

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