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July 2021

All you need to know about a Superior Bonding Solution

If you were looking for a highly effective bonding solution - durable, flexible and cost-effective – you just found it! The superior solution nowadays that is hardly a choice for anyone is a High Performance Bonding Tape. What is a High Performance Bonding tape? It’s a two-sided adhesive tape for high performance bonding. It was [...]

May 2021

RFID System

What is RFID? RFID, which stands for Radio Frequency Identification, is the wireless use of radio frequency waves to uniquely identify and track tags automatically. RFID brings auto-ID technology to the next level by allowing tags to be read without line of sight. Historically, RIFDs were widely used in the World War II to identify [...]

May 2021

Gravic and the automotive industry. Part 2

Before our final Automotive products are ready for shipment and delivered to our customers, they are required to go through 2 final steps so they are ready for immediate use and in order to increase their resistance and durability. Click here to see the full brochure of Automotive applications. Lamination A technology of producing multiple [...]

March 2021

Gravic and the automotive industry

For over 20 years the Gravic Group has been working with some of the biggest automotive players in the German automotive industry. Our experience and professionalism enabled us to penetrate this market and become a major supplier of the various parts and components currently used in their production lines. Our automotive industry partners benefit from [...]

February 2021

Biodegradable and antibacterial films

From nature to nature Petroleum plastic film breaks down into micro plastic and pollutes our rivers, seas and oceans. Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) film Poly (lactic acid) or Polylactide (PLA) is a thermoplastic derived from renewable resources such as corn starch, tapioca or sugar cane. It is fully biodegradable and compostable. The bio-compostability of the [...]

January 2021

Heat sealed and heat activated labels

In a safety-critical automotive industry, warning and identification labels applied to seat belts and sun visors must offer a very reliable performance. These labels must not only adhere permanently to the base material, which is usually both rough and flexible, but also offer UV resistance and flame retardancy. Traditionally, the required label would be printed [...]

December 2020

Tire energy labels

Do you struggle finding a manufacturing partner who can pre-print a variety of high quality tire energy labels that you can vulcanise onto the tires? Do you want to be in control of the changing barcodes, ensure that they meet your strict requirements and are never repeated? Do you search for a manufacturer with local [...]

November 2020

Zoom in Gravic Hungary

Gravic Hungary is located in the historically and culturally rich city of Debrecen (the capital of Hungary’s Northern Great Plain region and its second biggest city). The factory opened in 2005 and we have moved to our current building in 2013. We like to refer to Gravic Hungary as our Eastern European tiger, thanks to [...]

November 2020

Thermal Interface Materials

All electronic appliances generate heat. If not carefully managed, this heat can negatively affect or even damage these appliances. The performance of their electrical components deteriorates beyond certain limits and may even be completely destroyed if the temperature exceeds the acceptable temperature range. With the rise of miniaturisation and an increase in the power of [...]

September 2020

Zoom in Gravic France

Gravic France, the headquarter of Gravic Group, is located in a beautiful and picturesque town of Mouans Sartoux (Alpes-Maritimes, southeastern France). It is where it all began and where ‘Gravic’s culture’, experience and passion come from. Experienced professionals Founded in 1967, Gravic France employs now 48 people and continues to excel at a wide range [...]

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