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Self-adhesive Labels

As a label manufacturer for more than 50 years, Gravic puts its expertise and know-how at your service to offer you custom self-adhesive labels customised to your specifications. Whatever your needs or the specific characteristics of your product, we have a wide range of industrial identification labels that will certainly meet your requirements and current standards.

The use of the latest printing and cutting technologies enables us to offer you a wide choice of printed adhesive labels: customised labels in sheets or rolls, blank or pre-printed, 3D, thermal, RFID, security, anti-counterfeiting, Braille, engravable, destructive labels and much more.

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Blank or printed Adhesive Labels
Blank or printed Adhesive Labels
The adhesive label is perfectly suited to your security and inviolability, identification and tracking, indication, high temperature, cable identification, and engraved remarking type applications. Gravic, a specialist in markings, industrial die-cutting and manufacturing of adhesive labels, has strong and robust offerings to assure you the best-adapted solution for your specifications, which is ultimately from the best combination of these elements. In rollers, units or sheets, adhesive labels are designed to meet a need. Only by defining your need does it become possible to combine the most useful criteria when making your labels:  
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  • Format
  • Application: what will it be used for?
  • What will it be stuck to (type of substrate?)
  • Desired material (paper or synthetic)
  • Look or surface quality (matte or gloss)
  • Constraints (temperature, chemical resistance, durability, external agressions)
  • Adhesive (permanent or non-permanent) or fixture (static, magnetic) to be used
  • Number of colours
  • Type of printing to be preferred
  • Positioning system
  • Format (roll, sheet, unit, screen)
  • Quantity, throughput


  • Datamatrix – QR code industrial bar codes (fixed or variable data)
  • Blank or printed, in rolls (with or without lamination)
  • Roll or screen for additional printing with thermal printers
  • Sheets for laser or ink-jet printing
  • Industrial bar codes (fixed or variable data)
  • Sheets or screens (with or without punched edging)
  • Identification and tracking
  • UL approved
  • Screen for thermal printers
  • Special labels (hospitals, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Weave paper, vellum, coated, glossy, kromekote, thermal paper, double-coated paper
  • PET polyester
  • Lexan – Makrolon
  • Vinyl, PVC, destructible, ultra-destructible
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Poliimide
  • Permanent, non-permanent, movable, removable, screen-print adhesive
Security Labels
Security Labels

The security label provides different solutions to prevent counterfeiting (anti-counterfeiting or anti-fraud labels), guarantee the authenticity of products and protect the integrity of the product and the supply chain. This is for example the main role of void security labels or destructible labels whose state will be altered under certain key conditions. Gravic, your partner in industrial identification and die cutting of technical materials, transforms and customises the safety materials proposed by its partners or designs the desired product to order. Depending on the level of security required, we can offer you the product best suited to your needs and the requirements of your specifications. For example, a security label that fades if a product is dipped in water is ideal for a water-sensitive device.

VOID / Inviolability / Custom VOID labels

The VOID inviolability system provides effective proof when an attempt has been made to remove or tear the security label. Once the VOID label is removed, the adhesive is compromised, and an inscription appears on the surface. This is generally the word VOID, a checkerboard pattern, or an inscription of your choice, placed by Gravic.


Label with complete transfer of the inscription of the adhesive. header logo
Label with partial transfer of the inscription of the adhesive.header logo

Label without transfer.


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Gravic also offers security adhesives with an inviolability system. These adhesives can include the logo of your company, the serial number of the product, or pre-set perforated lines.

Hologram or Holographic label

The hologram or holographic label, which cannot be counterfeited, is used to authenticate and secure your documents or products. This label provides an effective solution to fight counterfeiting, and guarantees the integrity of the product with a high level of security, using simple and quick authentication, and also provides limited design possibilities.   Made with various processes and technologies (de-metallisation, digital holography, special metallisation), the hologram label includes several layers: an adhesive, metallisation, special glazing, and various support materials and looks, such as polyester, chrome, copper, aluminium, etc.   Gravic can print or transform holographic materials for your applications.


It is a permanent label. header logo
The label has a VOID effect. header logo

Gravic also offers holographic labels with a honeycomb effect as well as single-use holographic labels.

Destructible or ultra-destructible labels

The destructible or ultra-destructible label is an ideal solution to prevent removal and transfer of labels from one surface to another. it is impossible to remove this type of security label in a single layer without damaging it, because it breaks up into small pieces.Gravic offers white, transparent and holographic destructible labels.

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Water-sensitive label

The water-sensitive label is an ideal solution to ensure that a product has not been in contact with water.

Gravic offers labels which are transformed in one of several ways when they come into contact with water:

  • change colour to permanently become red.



  • Production controlling
  • Authentication of non-transferrable information
  • Guarantee labels which cannot be transferred to other, failed units


  • 3M Polyester VOID
  • Destructible vinyl
  • Destructible polyethylene

What are the main types of security labels offered by Gravic?

Security labels can take many forms, both in appearance and function. Water-sensitive labels, for example, will deteriorate when dipped in water, showing a change in colour or the appearance of a specific wording. Particularly useful as an anti-fraud label, destructible adhesives are impossible to remove and reattach completely, preventing a dishonest person from transferring your label from an original product to a counterfeit.

Holograms labels are another type of industrial identity adhesive and are also effective anti-counterfeit labels due to their aesthetic appeal, which is difficult to replicate without the latest equipment. Combined with transfer technology in case of attempted removal, the hologram becomes a void security label: difficult to replicate and impossible to remove from your product without it being marked with the desired inscription.

Some examples of possible uses for an anti-counterfeit label

One of the main uses of security labels is therefore in the fight against fraud: by affixing this type of adhesive to your product, you significantly reduce the chances of your label being transferred to an unofficial product (void effect) or prevent its removal without trace in order to ensure permanent identification. But these adhesives are not only anti-counterfeit labels, they can also be used as indicators to ensure the integrity of a product. For example, liquid contact indicators are common, but there are also thermochromic labels that change depending on whether the label is exposed to an abnormally high or low temperature.

High temperature Labels
High temperature Labels

The high-temperature resistant label is resistant to heat due to various production constraints. It is generally used for tracking of electronic chips during wave soldering. This type of adhesive label is blank, and can be personalised directly by the customer, who may place a bar code, a serial number, or a Datamatrix code on it.

These high-temperature resistant labels are appropriate for automated placement on products.

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Depending on the maximum temperature reached and the duration of the cycles, Gravic can offer you the most appropriate material. In extreme cases, we can offer ceramic high-temperature resistant labels, which can withstand over 1200°C. The most popular product families are the following:

Kapton polyimide label

This label resists peak temperatures of over 300°C, and constant temperatures of 280°C. Kapton is naturally an amber colour, and with an additional coating, it can be coloured white, yellow, green or blue. The standard thickness is 50µ, but for most applications, 25µ is sufficient.Acrylate label
This label resists peak temperatures of over 270°C, and constant temperatures of 220°C. This type of material is more economical than kapton, and is used as insulation, for example, for mobile telephone SIM cards. The stainless steel solder tracks in SIM cards require resistance to temperatures of over 270°C during operation.Thermo-stabilised polyester napthalate (PEN) labels
This material resists temperature of up to 180°C, making it highly resisstant. It is most often used for insulation applications.



  • Tracking
  • Identification of electronic chips
  • Printed circuits
  • SIM card insulation
  • Heat sinks


  • Kapton
  • Polyimide
  • Acrylate
  • PEN
  • Ceramic
Engravable tags
Engravable tags
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With engravable tags, you can personalise your labelling with a “multi-layered” material, or with mechanical, chemical or laser engraving. Engraving ensures optimal resistance and durability of the printing on your product.     This can be achieved either by destroying the upmost layer of a “multi-layered” material, or by tinting of pigment molecules in the material. Marking can include up to 3 colours, and our expertise allows us to achieve multi-layered films without any restrictions on the choice of colours.


  • Bar code identification
  • Motor plaque
  • Safety marking
  • Development data
  • 3M Acrylate
  • Gravoply
  • Thermoflan
  • Laser-engravable polycarbonate
  • Laser-engravable aluminium
Cable labels
Cable labels

The cable identification label is an identification solution that allows, for example, an employee to identify cabling in their work area, or a technician to quickly identify the use of each cable. These labels can also be used as a security label, allowing the user to be alerted to a particular characteristic or potential danger: it is indeed possible to add identification information (earth symbol, danger summary, etc.) or traceability information (bar code) to a cable or pipe.

Good marking is therefore essential to ensure that your various electrical cables are highly visible and thus improve the efficiency and safety of your installations during daily use as well as during any technical maintenance. Gravic, specialist in industrial identification solutions, is at your disposal to produce, print and cut to size various flexible materials to identify your cables.

We offer several primary cable identification solutions:

  • Heat-shrinkable labels
    When heated, the label shapes itself to the material it is placed on.
  • Self-adhesive label
    This is generally placed as a “curtain” around the cable, so that it adheres to itself.



  • Identification of electrical cabling
  • Identification of electronic/computer cabling
  • Identification of pipelines (gas, oxygen, etc.)


  • PVC / Vinyl
  • Permanent, removable adhesive
  • Heat-shrinkable vinyl

Cable identification label: some examples of possible uses

The fields of application for cable labels are diverse as they can be used for identifying electronic electrical wiring as well as other types of pipes and ducts. Depending on the product to be marked, there are different fixing systems to ensure durable identification without risking damage to the cable or conduit. This is because the equipment must be preserved as much as possible so as not to impair its function or pose a safety risk. Cable identification labels are therefore ideal, easy to apply identification solutions that are safe for your equipment.

Gravic offers two main types of labels for cable identification: the heat-shrink label is ideal for quality and durable marking, as the label adapts to the dimensions of the cable concerned under the effect of heat. The self-adhesive cable label is very useful for marking your electrical cables, an economical and easy-to-deploy solution that can also be removed as required. The highly durable self-adhesive cable label is usually applied “flagged” around the cable, being glued to itself.

Why choose Gravic for your cable identification solutions?

As a label manufacturer for over 50 years, Gravic has a unique expertise and understanding of industrial requirements to provide you with the right labels for your needs. To ensure your cables are properly identified, we have a wide selection of industrial identification labels that meet current safety standards and offer a high level of durability.

Would you like more information about our products or do you have any questions about our cable and conduit labels? Don’t hesitate to contact an expert to discuss your project. We will offer you a tailor-made marking and fixing solution according to your specifications, your needs and the specificities of the cables to be identified.

What types of adhesive labels are available from Gravic?

To best meet your identification and marking needs (raw materials, products, etc.), Gravic offers a wide range of technical labels. If you wish to combat counterfeiting and guarantee the integrity of your products, our security labels are ideal: VOID or hologram labels with transfer or destruction in the event of attempted removal, for example. Destructive labels are also effective, allowing you to quickly identify if your product has come into contact with water, large temperature variations, etc.

While we offer a wide range of printed adhesive labels for your standard marking needs, it is sometimes necessary to use technical labels with special properties. This is why we have, for example, high-temperature labels capable of withstanding the stresses of intense production, or engravable

Why choose Gravic for your industrial identification labels?

Gravic is your partner in all your requirements for customized self-adhesive labels: we currently operate on three continents thanks to our facilities based in France, Hungary, Tunisia and China. On the strength of our experience, and always in pursuit of innovation in order to best meet industry requirements, we are constantly improving our technologies for printing, cutting and laminating technical labels. Gravic also offers the cutting of technical materials (gaskets, technical foam, electrical and thermal insulation, etc.) essential for the protection and compliance of your products. Our teams are at your disposal, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project!


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