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With over 50 years of experience in the biggest industries and 4 manufacturing locations – in France, Hungary, Tunisia and China, our company strives to deliver the most innovative and reliable solutions.

We are present on 3 continents

According to the material selected and the quantities to be produced, from a prototype to very large series,
we offer the most appropriate solution.

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Gravic France (3,500 m²) is the headquarter of the group, located in Mouans Sartoux, in the south of France:

  • Sales and project departments
  • Research and development office
  • Purchasing department
  • High tech production of sheet and roll products
  • Gravic Group management
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Gravic Hungary (5,000 m²) is located in Debrecen, in eastern Hungary. At the heart of Central Europe, Gravic Hungary has maintained close relationships with its historic clients and has a 2 digit growth since last decade:

  • Sales  and project departments
  • Research and Development office
  • Purchasing department
  • Production of sheet and roll products
  • Printed electronics workshop
  • Cutting-edge technologies as laser cutting and high-speed digital printing
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Gravic Tunitec (3,200 m²) is located in Monastir in Tunisia:

  • Sales and project departments
  • Purchasing department
  • Production of sheet and roll products
  • Milling and digital cutting centre
  • Gravic Tunitec additionally offers assembly and controlling of sub-assemblies, especially for automotive applications.
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Gravic Shenzhen’s plant is located in Dongguan, one of the world largest industrial and economical area, at a strategic site near our European partners. On-site activities:

  • manufacturing of thermal interface materials
  • distribution hub for imported Gravic Group products
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123, Zone Industrielle de l’Argile II, 06370
Mouans Sartoux, FRANCE

Tel. +33 (0)4 93 75 75 34

[email protected]


Kígyóhagyma utca 2, H-4031
Debrecen, HUNGARY

Tel. +36 52 531 994

[email protected]


Z I route Khniss, 5000
Monastir, TUNISIA

Tel: (+216) 73 508 460

[email protected]


Shenzhen, CHINA

[email protected]

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