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WILLY is a strategic project born within Gravic Group and named after the famous movie called “Free Willy”.
It’s a way of maintaining a healthy community, relying on renewable energy
and living in harmony with nature to build a sustainable future.

Commitment 2030:

Scope 1 & 2: 75% CO2 reduction
Scope 3: 15 % CO2 reduction

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5 main objectives:

Greenhouse Gas

Eco Responsibility


Industry 4.0.


Circular economy


Energy efficiency

“Did you know that the amount of CO2 that a whale absorbs during its life equals to over 30 tons, while a single tree can only absorb 21 kg per year ? Among other benefits, whales support the production of phytoplankton, which contributes to at least 50% of all oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere and captures as much CO2 as 1.7 trillion trees, or the equivalent of four Amazon forests.“

Greenhouse gas

  • Carbon footprint assessment completed
  • Monitoring and analysis of our output to the atmosphere and actions in progress to reduce it
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Eco Responsibility

  • Encourage and support environmental consciousness and eco-friendly behavior internally and externally: carsharing, saving water, waste recycling, etc.
  • Introduce energy saving best practices.

Energy efficiency​

  • Perform an energy audit in each factory.
  • Establish an energy management system thanks to the international ISO50001 standards.
  • Continuously invest in the renewable energy sources (solar panels and photovoltaic
    shades, electric car charging stations, etc.).
  • Optimise energy performance on our industrial and production sites by investing in more energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment; implementing a new energy management system, managed by artificial intelligence.
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Industry 4.0.

  • Use more environmentally friendly raw materials and products.
  • Recycle waste and bring it back to life.
  • Inspire our partners, customers and suppliers to switch to a Circular economy.

Circular economy

  • Pursue the transformation towards Smart factory.
  • Accelerate the digitalisation of our processes in a self-managed production environment.
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Willy project is an exciting challenge and we want
to take you on board with us!


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