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Gravic and the automotive industry

For over 20 years the Gravic Group has been working with some of the biggest automotive players in the German automotive industry. Our experience and professionalism enabled us to penetrate this market and become a major supplier of the various parts and components currently used in their production lines.

Our automotive industry partners benefit from our expertise in three main areas:

  • marking and screen printing,
  • lamination and
  • die-cutting.

What are the different automotive applications of Gravic’s products?

The Gravic Group manufactures a number of components used in the automotive industry, such as backlight filters, parts of counters, foam gaskets and technical die-cut adhesives.

Generally speaking, our products are used for:

  • mounting
  • air sealing
  • water sealing
  • noise reduction
  • sound insulation
  • thermal insulation
  • thermal dissipation
  • interior trim decoration
  • surface protection
  • filtering
  • packaging

How exactly Gravic benefits the automotive and transport industry?

Gravic produces the following:

Item Benefit
Protection foils Removable surface protection
Single sided tapes Tapes for cable fixation
Insulation products Protection against electrical discharge
Adhesive tapes Joining parts together instead of using fasteners or screws
Heat sink for electronics Thermal management
Double sided tapes Die-cut adhesive for permanent bonding
Noise reduction pads  Gap and noise reduction
Letter cut out foils Cast foil cut outs
Safety and warning labels Permanent markings
Double sided adhesives Sealants and gaskets
Felts and abrasion protection Reduction of abrasion and noise
Decorative foils Non-removable decorations

Our certifications

In order to prove that our products are manufactured following all the necessary quality protocols and to meet the needs of our customers, Gravic has obtained all the necessary certifications:

  • UL
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • ISO45001
  • IATF16949

Find a tailor-made solution to suit your needs

Contact us early and let’s work together to develop the most suitable solution for your next automotive project.

We are grateful for our close collaboration, and we are committed to continuing to evolve and progress to meet your requirements!

Improve your life with Gravic!

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