Medical and pharmaceutical

Gravic has been present in the medical sector for over 30 years, and offers products and services adapted to the exacting requirements in this field of activity.

Devices used in medical contexts, in clinics, laboratories and hospitals, have strict specifications to ensure the health of patients and the safety of users of these devices.

The cleanliness and durability of materials and adherence to standards and compliance procedures are essential requirements for which Gravic offers adapted solutions:

  • Anti-bacterial products, materials and enamels
  • Durable labels
  • Face plates with protected markings
  • UL/CSA labels
  • Labels free of toxic products
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In the past few years, Gravic has been delivering serial labels for the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Very easy to read
  • The best quality and finest printing on the market, with text as small as 0.7 points.
  • Precision colours and good repeatability between batches.

Our expertise in durability:

  • Resistance: cracking; humidity; abrasion; UV rays; high temperatures; droppage
  • Resistance to chemical agents such as perfumes, essences and creams

Perfect adhésion:

  • On glass, plastic, cardboard, wood, etc.
  • On rigid, semi-rigid and flexible surfaces

The major players in the medical sector rely on us, and we constantly solicit their newest developments to guarantee irreproachable quality and durability.

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