Electronics and home applicances

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Thanks to its expertise in the production of technical products at large volumes, Gravic positioned itself early on as a top player in the electronics and home appliance markets.

Throughout the manufacturing chain for devices, Gravic delivers solutions:

  • Tracking of semi-complete components and products (kapton, bar code, etc.)
  • Functional solutions (temperature- or humidity-sensitive labels, insulation, foams, etc.)
  • Decorative solutions (3D logos, embosses face plates, partial or complete removal of resin, etc.)
  • Safety solutions (warning, danger, ground labels, etc.)
  • Anti-fraud solutions (inviolability, hologram, etc.)

For years, Gravic has been working with work givers, from design through to automation of manufacturing lines for electronic devices and home appliances.

GRAVIC is known as a key provider to the largest television, hifi, and video manufacturers, and manufacturers of home appliances.

These partners allow us to stay constantly informed and involved in technological advancements in the market, and to develop our products and processes with a view to constant improvement and evolution.

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