large electrique thermique 1

Gravic Group is a major player in the field of electrical and thermal products, thanks to its range of products which are perfectly adapted to the specific needs of this market (small to large volumes, on sheets or rolls, several types of printing, etc.)

The global leader in the electrical industry, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, has made GRAVIC its “preferred supplier” in the field of technical markings and cutting.

Whether for ELECTRICAL (circuit breakers, switches, relays, automation, inverters, etc.), or THERMAL (radiator, boiler, heat pump, VMC, air conditioning, compressor) applications, face plates, logos, resin domes, and information or warning labels, come into direct contact with the end user. These human-machine interfaces represent the brand of the manufacturer.

We develop more functional solutions thanks to our expertise in technical lamination and die-cutting, such as insulation, foam gaskets, and adhesives.

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