Custom pre-printing of labels

Custom pre-printing can be used to make every label a unique label. On a common base (label, metal plate, face plate, etc.), each product is personalised (with a different text, or a unique, incremental serial number, etc.)

Gravic offers custom pre-printing using 3 technologies: reprinting by thermal transfer (wax or resin) for labels delivered in rolls, or LASER reprinting and digital printing for labels delivered on sheets.

Gravic can assist you to find the most appropriate product for your needs.

Thermal transfer pre-printing to labels on reels

The label is reprinted with wax transfer (for paper-based labels), or with resin (for polymer-based labels). The pre-print is generally in black or white. The reprinted label may be blank or already printed (colour logo, legal notice, fixed values).

The label can also be coated afterward to increase the durability of the pre-print.

LASER Printer pre-printing

Gravic makes custom A4 format labels, which can be reprinted with any laser or ink jet printer.

The selection of support materials is wide, depending on your durability needs.

With existing standard or custom formats, pre-printed or not, Gravic will be able to find the most appropriate solution for your needs.

LASER Engraving

Laser pre-printing functions with a principle of aggression to the material.

The laser beam can make marks by way of several processes:

  • By destruction of the upper layer of two-layer materials of an acrylate type, or two-layer Gravoply®
  • By destruction of the anodised surface of chemically coloured plates.
  • By activation of pigment molecules in the material (laser polycarbonate)

Digital printing

Digital printing (ink jet, offset, etc.) is achieved one print at a time, and is controlled by computer software. In this case, a number of files is created equal to the number of pieces desired.



  • Inventory labels
  • Company plates with serial numbers
  • Multilingual labels


  • Paper
  • Polymers (PET/PVC/PP/PE/PC)
  • Dual-layer materials (Gravoply®/Acrylate)
  • Aluminium plates with coloured backing

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