Protective film

Protection foils safeguard various components throughout the manufacturing cycle, final packaging process, and during transport. They protect materials against sources of external damage, scratches, soiling or breakage during handling. That’s why protection foils are so important for keeping your products in good condition, which is where scratch-resistant foil offers a practical solution for improving durability. Gravic, specialist in cutting techniques, also provides a range of screen protection foils to protect your surfaces against breakage and spillage, perfect for manual work and production lines.



Printed and cut parts


Protective film

Screen protection foil, essential for protecting your products against breakage

Screen protection foil has various uses: mechanical treatment (sandblasting, shot peening), electrolytic treatment, paint application and holding objects in place when they are being transported or handled. This specific protection foil has been designed to counteract the problems typically encountered in these different usage areas: spillage, high temperatures or even automatic laying. In fact, it is also highly effective for general purposes such as holding objects in place when they are being transported or handled, as well as protecting against paint.

When choosing your protection foil, there are several criteria that you must consider first.  Your screen protection must be carefully selected in accordance with what you are planning to use it for. Temperature conditions, mechanical stress or even the ease with which the foil can be peeled off are all decisive factors to bear in mind. To protect your surface during sandblasting, choosing the right thickness and support will allow you to optimise this protection. You should also ensure that your foil gives the appropriate coverage. If you want to protect parts of your products against paint, you must consider the temperature resistance and conformability of your film. The fine protection ribbon is highly recommended for clean, perfect painting lines and it can be removed without leaving any unsightly marks.

Gravic therefore offers you a protection foil that will save you lots of time and produce impressive results in your line of industry. Just contact one of our experts to get a quote and they will get right back to you!

Protection foil for fragile objects

Unfortunately, accidents are all too common in production lines across various industries. It is therefore essential to choose the right removable foil to protect against any damage that could prove costly to your production chain. Gravic will therefore help you find a solution that is optimally tailored to your needs.

To protect your screens, the most effective solution is a screen protection foil. Gravic has an invisible version of this foil that you can use to protect against external sources of damage. The anti-scratch protection foil is extremely efficient at safeguarding surfaces from getting struck during manufacturing processes or product transportation. The foil also leaves no unsightly residues after removal. We recommend that you use a product type that helps solve the exact problem that you regularly encounter. Your products will then be guaranteed to be in an optimal condition when ready to be sold or used.

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