Metal tags and plates

The industrial plate is a metal plate that is often attached to machinery and is used to clearly identify the instrument in question. This type of industrial plate generally combines all the important product information and identification data such as the series number, date of manufacture or the company issuing the product. Gravic, your manufacturer of industrial labels, also designs and cuts out customized metal plates, which can be used as industrial plates, nameplates, or any other kind of metal plate. Do come and have a look at all the different options provided by Gravic regarding metallic plates for product identification or labelling. Gravic offers several solutions to make your company plaques, signboards or branding plates. These are inscribed either with mechanical or laser engraving, or with screen or digital printing.



Printed and cut parts


Industrial plates

Customized metallic plate: what Gravic has to offer

At Gravic, we offer you a wide range of different metallic plates and labels to ensure information transparency and traceability of your industrial equipment. The plates we supply are resistant to external elements (temperature, humidity, chemical products, vibrations etc.) to guarantee that your product is consistently durable and robust. These resistance properties ensure that you get an industrial plate that is exceptionally durable and will accompany your equipment from the moment it is designed to when it is recycled.

For every industrial plate, Gravic offers you various base materials such as brass, aluminium, or stainless steel, as well as various finishes to give your plate a special aesthetic appearance: satin effect, shiny, matte, anodised etc… To ensure you get a unique, high-quality plate, we use various means of labelling for your customized metallic plate, such as chemical, metallic or laser etching, or even serigraphic printing

Why choose Gravic for industrial plates?

Gravic, an industrial labelling specialist, allows you to enjoy the benefits of its 50+ years in the trade to make your industrial plate. Our renown with numerous clients across many different sectors is because we have always been committed to supplying you with high-quality labelling solutions at affordable prices. We are also well-known for our delivery service, since we get your custom-made metallic plate  to you within 24 hours after you order! Last year, 96% of our deliveries arrived on time.

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