Dry decal labels

Dry decal labelling is a process for marking and identification which is similar to the decals used in marking on objects (plastic manufacturing, signage, decorative and advertising applications.)
It represents a good alternative to pad printing.

Gravic offers you two types of transfers:

Dry transfer

The decal is positioned with a blade, using pressure to ensure that the marking is transferred to the support.

Hot transfer

The decal, made of a heat-activated “iron-on” adhesive, is transferred with the combined use of pressure and a heat source.

Gravic Group offers you manufacturing capacities which range from small series (produced on sheets or in single pieces) up to mid-sized and large series (produced in rolls).

To facilitate precise placement of the transfer, we offer:

  • Special cutting of the support material, which can then be used as a template
  • Printing of positioning targets

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