Face and back plates

The Gravic Group offers a very extensive range of industrial marking and cutting solutions.
From face plates to technical labels and thermal management solutions, this also includes innovative solutions such as single labels (e.g. Coca-Cola packaging), and wooden, varnished or phosphorescent labels.



Printed and cut parts


Front panels


Polycarbonate - LexanUL94-VO PolycarbonateTransparent polyester
Semi-rigid vinylPlexiglas
LookGloss, Grained, Matte, SatinGloss, Grained, Matte, SatinGloss, Grained, Matte, SatinGloss, Grained, Matte, SatinGloss, Grained, Matte, Satin
Surface treatmentAnti-cracking, anti-reflective, anti-UV, anti-vandal, anti-bacterial
ColourCustomTransparent, BlackSatinTranslucentTransparent
Thicknessfrom 75 microns to 2 mmfrom 75 microns to 2 mmfrom 125 microns to 1 mmfrom 75 microns to 2 mmfrom 1 mm to 2 cm
Visual functionalityCrystal transparent window display, tinted glazes for LED or backlighting, etc.
Touch functionalityEmbossing for push-buttons, anti-fingerprint enamel, braille enamel, "Soft Touch" enamel, cracking, etc.
FlexibilityFlexible or rigid, depending on the choice and thickness of material (from 75 microns up to 2 cm)
Mechanical attachmentAdhesive, GlueAdhesive, GlueAdhesive, GlueAdhesive, GlueInserts, screws, clips, rivets, glue
Visual functionality
Touch functionality
Mechanical attachment
Mechanical attachmentInsertion of the front face plate into the mold before injection




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