Front panel and back panel

To help you finish your industrial projects, Gravic offers a wide range of technical cutting solutions such as plastic front panel and back panels. From polyester front panels to membrane keypads, you are sure to find the product that suits your specifications.

This type of faceplate or interface is a key element of many everyday products, making them easy to use while protecting their components from external aggressions. Find out more about Gravic’s skills, our expertise in printing and technical cutting, and opt for cut parts which can also be screen printed according to your requirements.



Printed and cut parts


Front panels


Polycarbonate - LexanUL94-VO PolycarbonateTransparent polyester
Semi-rigid vinylPlexiglas
LookGloss, Grained, Matte, SatinGloss, Grained, Matte, SatinGloss, Grained, Matte, SatinGloss, Grained, Matte, SatinGloss, Grained, Matte, Satin
Surface treatmentAnti-cracking, anti-reflective, anti-UV, anti-vandal, anti-bacterial
ColourCustomTransparent, BlackSatinTranslucentTransparent
Thicknessfrom 75 microns to 2 mmfrom 75 microns to 2 mmfrom 125 microns to 1 mmfrom 75 microns to 2 mmfrom 1 mm to 2 cm
Visual functionalityCrystal transparent window display, tinted glazes for LED or backlighting, etc.
Touch functionalityEmbossing for push-buttons, anti-fingerprint enamel, braille enamel, "Soft Touch" enamel, cracking, etc.
FlexibilityFlexible or rigid, depending on the choice and thickness of material (from 75 microns up to 2 cm)
Mechanical attachmentAdhesive, GlueAdhesive, GlueAdhesive, GlueAdhesive, GlueInserts, screws, clips, rivets, glue
Visual functionality
Touch functionality
Mechanical attachment
Mechanical attachmentInsertion of the front face plate into the mold before injection




What types of plastic front panels does Gravic offer?

Gravic offers a wide choice of front panels so that you can ensure the correct finish for your products while preserving their properties. Our flexible or rigid front panel cutouts ensure your devices are protected, while guiding users (by adding iconography for example) and contributing to your brand image (screen printing of your logos, colours, etc.).

Once your front panel is ready for use, Gravic provides you with a wide choice of rigid front panel decoration. These are designed to be resistant to liquids and scratches while remaining highly customisable, making them a complete solution for the creation of your front panels: design, cutting, screen printing.

What are the specifications of Gravic’s front and rear panels?

In order to find the front or back panel that best suits your criteria, Gravic offers a wide range of specifications to its customers that take into account the particularities of their products. In addition to the choice of material (polycarbonate or polyester front panel, metallic back plate, etc.), you can adjust the finish to obtain the desired visual effect: gloss, grained, matte or satin. The rigidity of your front panel will be linked to the material chosen as well as to its thickness: if you do not know whether a flexible or rigid front panel is best suited to your product, our experts are available to help you with your choice.

Visual and tactile functions are also available for the vinyl, Plexiglas and polycarbonate front panels: smoked coating for LEDs or backlighting, embossing for push buttons, anti-fingerprint coating, etc. We can thus offer high quality and fully functional front panels such as, for example, automotive dashboards and counters.

Do not hesitate to contact Gravic’s teams now to obtain additional information and get a quote.

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