Silicone foams

Silicone foams, used mainly in the transport (aviation, boating, automotive), medical and electronics industries, are high quality materials which can be used to resolve all of your watertight seal, insulation and absorption issues in extreme conditions. Common materials used are for exemple the Bisco foam or the Roger foam.

These foams, available with open or closed cells, are perfectly suited to your constraints for high temperature resistance, fire resistance, resistance to chemical products, mechanical resistance, and resistance to UV.

As a preferred partner and processor for Rogers Corporation, Gravic offers you a wide selection of unique, pre-cut Bisco foams with adhesive, for your:



  • Silicone watertight seals
  • Thermal screens
  • Fireblocks
  • Sound absorbing cushions
  • Anti-vibration gaskets


  • Rogers Bisco foam HT-800, HT-805 foam
  • Rogers Bisco cellular silicone foam
  • Rogers Bisco solid silicone foam
  • Acrylic adhesive
  • Silicone adhesive

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