Die-cut or converted foams and gaskets

To best respond to your industrial needs, Gravic cuts and bonds numerous technical materials such as converted gaskets or technical foams.

Sealing, soundproofing or shock absorption are some of the properties that are essential to the proper functioning of many products and appliances. This is why we offer a wide choice of materials to address this, with a custom cutting service and even lamination if necessary.

Our high-performance technical materials are processed to match your specifications and give your product all the properties required: do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project in case of need for converted gaskets or seals.



Printed and cut parts


Die-cut or converted foams and gaskets

What types of seals does Gravic offer?

Mainly used to prevent the transfer of water, air or dust, seals and waterproof gaskets allow you to further protect your objects and equipment from external attack. They are used in many industrial sectors such as telephony, electronics or the automotive industry, as sealing is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of products and the safety of their users.

We also produce acoustic filters and noise insulation gaskets, which are essential in ensuring the correct functioning of audio systems. Filters prevent the build-up of foreign bodies inside the device that could affect its operation and sound reproduction. Acoustic noise insulation gaskets, on the other hand, help control air vibrations and prevent surrounding materials from disturbing it, thus ensuring the proper reproduction of frequencies.

Which technical foams does Gravic work with?

Gravic handles the cutting and lamination of numerous technical foams (such as Bisco, Rogers or Poron foams for example) which can give a wide variety of protection to your product: thermal, electrical, sound, shock protection, etc. Depending on your needs, our experts will define the type of high-performance technical foam that best suits your requirements and work with you to ensure the creation of a solution that satisfies your specifications. It is also possible to opt for silicone foam gaskets, thus also ensuring the impermeability of your products: a 2-in-1 solution that is perfectly resistant to high-temperature stress, exposure to chemical agents or U.V. radiation.

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