Technical adhesive labels

As a label manufacturer for more than 50 years, Gravic puts its expertise and know-how at your service to offer you custom self-adhesive labels customised to your specifications. Whatever your needs or the specific characteristics of your product, we have a wide range of industrial identification labels that will certainly meet your requirements and current standards.

The use of the latest printing and cutting technologies enables us to offer you a wide choice of printed adhesive labels: customised labels in sheets or rolls, blank or pre-printed, 3D, thermal, RFID, security, anti-counterfeiting, Braille, engravable, destructive labels and much more.



Printed and cut parts


Adhesive labels

What types of adhesive labels are available from Gravic?

To best meet your identification and marking needs (raw materials, products, etc.), Gravic offers a wide range of technical labels. If you wish to combat counterfeiting and guarantee the integrity of your products, our security labels are ideal: VOID or hologram labels with transfer or destruction in the event of attempted removal, for example. Destructive labels are also effective, allowing you to quickly identify if your product has come into contact with water, large temperature variations, etc.

While we offer a wide range of printed adhesive labels for your standard marking needs, it is sometimes necessary to use technical labels with special properties. This is why we have, for example, high-temperature labels capable of withstanding the stresses of intense production, or engravable

Why choose Gravic for your industrial identification labels?

Gravic is your partner in all your requirements for customized self-adhesive labels: we currently operate on three continents thanks to our facilities based in France, Hungary, Tunisia and China. On the strength of our experience, and always in pursuit of innovation in order to best meet industry requirements, we are constantly improving our technologies for printing, cutting and laminating technical labels. Gravic also offers the cutting of technical materials (gaskets, technical foam, electrical and thermal insulation, etc.) essential for the protection and compliance of your products. Our teams are at your disposal, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project!

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