3D adhesive labels

Midway between an ID solution and a marketing tool, a 3D adhesive label allows you to affix a visual, logo or message to an object while offering an original and effective aesthetic. Whether it is a resin dome or a more elaborate technical label (for example in Technoflex), the 3D label is a decorative addition enhanced by the relief.

Gravic, specialist in cutting and printing technical materials, produces both 3D labels and resin labels. We support you every step of the way, from design to delivery, to provide you with unique branding solutions that will truly showcase your brand image.



Printed and cut parts


3D adhesive labels

Resin dome label, long-lasting and visually attractive

Among the different 3D labels available from Gravic, the resin dome label is an effective choice for affixing visuals that have an added attractiveness for your customers. Encapsulating resin on the printed decoration of your choice gives it an original relief that is pleasant to the touch and will also protect the label from knocks and scratches.

In addition, its magnifying effect helps make the colours more vivid, combined with the finish you have chosen for the resin, either glossy or matte. The polyurethanes used in the design of these resin labels have three levels of flexibility: soft, medium and hard. You can thus customise your resin dome label so that it best matches your specifications (for example, a soft label will be preferable on a textile).

The Technoflex label: an innovative solution for your 3D labels

An evolution of the resin dome label, the technoflex label is also made from polyurethane films. Its main advantage is undoubtedly its flexibility: it adheres easily to rounded or curved surfaces without compromising the visibility of the logo or message. Its flexibility prevents any cracking or damage to the adhesive label during application. In particular, it is more economical for the production of low volumes and is ideal for luxury packaging as well as automobile logos and badges. This great versatility makes technoflex resin labels the superior choice for your 3D brandings.

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