Printed and cut parts

Gravic offers a wide range of industrial branding and cutting solutions. From front panels to technical labels and thermal management solutions, we also have innovative solutions such as unique labels (e.g. Coca Cola packaging), wood, coated or phosphorescent labels.

If you’re looking for a specific industrial identification label solution, Gravic’s experts are at your disposal. Label manufacturer and specialists in the cutting of technical materials, Gravic combines the use of innovative materials with its proven expertise to offer you solutions adapted to even the most specific uses. Cutting, printing, gluing or laminating, we have a broad scope: don’t hesitate to contact us.



Printed and cut parts

What types of manufacturing identification labels does Gravic offer?

Gravic offers technical labels for various applications, from simple adhesive labels to RFID and high-temperature labels. Of course, we offer design, cutting and printing of traditional customised self adhesive labels for identification and branding of your products. But since these labels aren’t suitable for all industrial processes, we’ve diversified our range of products over the years. Among our technical labels, you’ll find engravable identification solutions, 3D adhesive labels, heat-resistant labels and products with RFID chips for data storage…

Other than technical labels, what other products does Gravic offer?

Gravic is not just a label manufacturer. Our expertise in the cutting of technical materials allows us to offer other products, such as packaging (protective film, for example) or thermal and electrical management of products. We offer custom-cut seals for preventing water or dust infiltration as well as heat and electromagnetic dissipators. With Gravic, you can design a protection solution tailored to the needs of your products, thus guaranteeing maximum safety during transport and use.

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