The importance of converted gaskets and technical foams for protecting your products

In order to preserve a product’s properties and function while also guaranteeing the user’s safety, technical foam and converted gaskets are frequently used.

Take for example waterproof watches which need to be absolutely water-tight, or the speakers on sound systems in which the foam is essential in providing a good sound. Learn more about Gravic, a specialist in cutting out and printing technical materials, and the specificities of the main protective elements used during the production process.

Waterproof gaskets: a crucial element in guaranteeing your products’ water-tightness

Waterproof gaskets are used in many different domains, from industry to construction. This type of insulation allows two regions to be separated (for example the inside and the outside of a phone) and prevents air, water or dust infiltration. By protecting the internal components of the device, the seals increase its lifespan and make it possible to use it in certain situations (under water for example).

It is therefore common to protect devices using waterproof gaskets, particularly in electronics where the slightest infiltration can impact the object’s performance. Furthermore, they also provide some thermal protection and absorb vibrations to a certain degree.

Thermal, noise and impact protection with technical foam

Incorporating layers of technical foam into devices helps to protect them against different types of damage, in particular knocks and vibrations. This is the most common use of foams, especially “traditional’ foams, but “technical” foams provide further characteristics: protection from heat, electricity, noise… It is also possible to use this kind of foam as a thermal interface material or electrical insulation. Be careful to choose the foam that is the best suited for your products, to be sure that it will protect your products effectively in all situations.

Choosing the best protection material for your product to obtain the desired effect

Identifying the role the protection solution will need to fulfill is the first and most important step in choosing the best product for you. If you need to prevent all electrical transmission between two components (in I.T. for example), opt for a dieletric insulator. On the other hand, if your concern is preventing any build up of heat, the addition of a thermal dissipator such as a thermal pad is a good solution.

As you can see, each material has its strengths and weaknesses, and should be carefully chosen in order to ensure an optimal protection of your device or product.

While converted gaskets and technical foams are certainly versatile, it may sometimes be necessary to opt for a bespoke solution, for more specific results.

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