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Certain industrial processes require complex treatments for your raw materials or products: refrigeration, assembly, soldering, chemical treatments… Ordinary labels might not withstand these conditions and might render the traceability of the elements difficult.

As a response to this need, Gravic, cutting, printing and technical label adhesive expert, has created a wide range of industrial identification labels. Let’s look further into the high temperature resistant labels: solutions designed to withstand high temperatures while preserving all their characteristics.

The high temperature resistant label: identification which withstands heat

In certain sectors, it is common for products to be exposed to very high temperatures. Take, for example, printed circuit boards: they undergo many soldering steps during their manufacture and later their incorporation into the final device. The high temperature resistant label makes identification and tracing possible in all circumstances throughout the production process.

If the device or object is exposed to similar conditions during its use (for example oven or computer components), using high temperature resistant labels is essential to allow the consumer to identify the elements. Furthermore, using unsuitable labels is a definite safety risk!

How can the technical labels be personalised?

The high temperature labels can be made from many different materials, giving you a great degree of flexibility in terms of personalisation and use. We can provide blank or printed technical labels: you can add a bar code, information, serial number… They can also be directly integrated into the production process through an automatic fixing system, depending on your needs. The only thing left for you to decide is the type of industrial identification label you need, and our experts will be happy to help.

The different types of Gravic high temperature resistant labels

You should opt for the most suitable material depending on the heat conditions the products will be exposed to (maximum temperature, length and intensity of exposure, etc.). Gravic supplies high temperature resistant labels which can withstand temperatures up to 1200°C (ceramic) for extreme conditions, but the most common materials are the following:

  • PEN technical label (heat stabilised polyester): withstands up to 180°C, usually used as insulation.
  • Acrylate label: suited to temperatures up to 220°C with continuous exposure, and spikes of 270°C. Used particularly in SIM card manufacture for its insulating properties.
  • Kapton polyamide label: withstands temperature spikes of over 300°C, and 280°C continuous exposure, can be coated for a personalised colour.

Our experts are here to help you find the high temperature label most suited to your production needs. Don’t hesitate to take a look at our other adhesive identification solutions which may be better suited to your needs.

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