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The front panel is a key element for many manufacturing industries. It provides an interface between an object and the person using it (or another object) via a plastic or metal surface.  Screen-printed to order, front panels are our point of contact and interaction with many devices that we enjoy and use on a daily basis.  Specializing in technical material cutting, Gravic tells you more about one of our most popular products.

Front panels: an essential man-machine interface

Somewhere in your surroundings there is bound to be a device which features a front panel. Remote controls, printers, and stereos all have panels that are made to be manipulated by the user, with different symbols and buttons.  These are all examples of front panels: sheets that are cut and sometimes printed, and which allow the device to be used while also protecting the circuits from outside damage.

A front panel is therefore a key element which means a large number of devices can be used without fear of damage, and can also help the user navigate the device thanks to the various print options, for example a symbol indicating the function of a specific button.  It also helps establish the product’s visual identity, and can bear for example the manufacturer’s logo.  It is therefore essential to equip your products with durable, high-quality front panels!

Polycarbonate or lexan front panel… which material to choose?

Traditionally, front panels have been made out of metal or plastic.  Polyester front panels, or a different plastic material, hold a significant advantage over their metal equivalents, being more durable (less sensitive to knocks and breakages), and easier to print and install.  Your choice must of course be based on your technical requirements and your product’s characteristics, but a plastic front panel is most often the best option.  Gravic also provides high-end advertising and presentation front panels using for example polycarbonate front panels for a perfect print and finish.

What are back panels?

Following the same logic, certain devices must also be equipped with back panels, in particular when they require specific connections such as the back of a computer or machine.  Just like with front panels, the same rules must be respected: the highest possible quality should be provided in order to allow an ergonomic and long-lasting use of your products.

If you are looking for a front or back panel manufacturer for your industrial needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch by email at [email protected] or by phone on +33 493 757 534. Our teams will be happy to help you with your project.

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