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Metal tags and plates

The industrial plate is a metal plate that is often attached to machinery and is used to clearly identify the instrument in question. This type of industrial plate generally combines all the important product information and identification data such as the series number, date of manufacture or the company issuing the product. Gravic, your manufacturer of industrial labels, also designs and cuts out customized metal plates, which can be used as industrial plates, nameplates, or any other kind of metal plate. Do come and have a look at all the different options provided by Gravic regarding metallic plates for product identification or labelling. Gravic offers several solutions to make your company plaques, signboards or branding plates. These are inscribed either with mechanical or laser engraving, or with screen or digital printing.

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Metal tags and plates
Metal tags and plates
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Metal tags represent the origins of industrial labelling.Metal tags, used to identify or to provide tracing of industrial equipment, offer perfect resistance to external stresses (temperature, chemical products, vibrations, etc.), and ensure optimal solidity and durability. These are available in various materials (aluminium, stainless steel, brass, etc.), with various looks or surfaces (gloss, matte, anodised, satin, etc.), and may be either mechanically affixed (screws, rivets), or affixed with adhesive or glue.
The Gravic Group offers several marking solutions adapted to your constraints and needs (mechanical engraving, screen printing, chemical printing, etc.), in standard or custom formats.


  • Sign plates
  • Company plaques
  • Industrial information or prevention plaques
  • Serial number or bar code plates
  • Identification or tracing tags
  • Laser marking on metal tags
  • Safety plaques
  • Back plates
  • CE plaques
  • Ordinary, anodised, or coated aluminium
  • Rustproof or stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Magnetic plates
Thermal printing ribbons
Thermal printing ribbons
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The thermal transfer printing technology can deposit the hot-melt ink from a thermal ribbon onto all types of support materials, using heat from the print head of a thermal printer.

These thermal transfer ribbons are usually black, but also exist in other colours.

Would you like to easily and durably print your blank and semi-printed labels? In partnership with the best ribbon makers (Armor, Ricoh, and others), Gravic offers you an all-in-one solution: label + consumable.

Depending on your printers, support materials and applications, we offer you 3 types of ribbons:

Wax: AWR470

Wax thermal ribbons are often used for printing onto paper labels of a vellum type, with no coating or with a semi-gloss coating.

It is more economical, but less resistant to external stresses (scratching, chemical products, temperatures).

This type of thermal transfer ribbon is appropriate for “short-term” applications (mailing labels, logistics, or inventory).

APR 600 wax/resin

The wax and resin mixture in this thermal ribbon makes it resistant to higher temperatures (100°C), better resistant to solvents, and delivers excellent print quality on highly varied materials such as uncoated and coated paper, gloss and polypropylene synthetic materials.

AXR7+ / AXR8 / B110 resin

Resin thermal transfer ribbons offer the highest level of resistance to external stresses (scratching, chemical products, temperatures).

All types of synthetic materials (PP, PE, PVC, PET) can be printed on with these ribbons.

Additionally, the combination of certain polyester support materials and a resin ribbon guarantees perfect resistance to the most aggressive chemical products (brake fluid, motor oil, solvents, etc.)

Custom pre-printing of labels
Custom pre-printing of labels
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Custom pre-printing can be used to make every label a unique label. On a common base (label, metal plate, face plate, etc.), each product is personalised (with a different text, or a unique, incremental serial number, etc.)


Gravic offers custom pre-printing using 3 technologies: reprinting by thermal transfer (wax or resin) for labels delivered in rolls, or LASER reprinting and digital printing for labels delivered on sheets.


Gravic can assist you to find the most appropriate product for your needs.


Thermal transfer pre-printing to labels on reels

The label is reprinted with wax transfer (for paper-based labels), or with resin (for polymer-based labels). The pre-print is generally in black or white. The reprinted label may be blank or already printed (colour logo, legal notice, fixed values).

The label can also be coated afterward to increase the durability of the pre-print.


LASER Printer pre-printing

Gravic makes custom A4 format labels, which can be reprinted with any laser or ink jet printer.

The selection of support materials is wide, depending on your durability needs.

With existing standard or custom formats, pre-printed or not, Gravic will be able to find the most appropriate solution for your needs.


LASER Engraving

Laser pre-printing functions with a principle of aggression to the material.

The laser beam can make marks by way of several processes:

By destruction of the upper layer of two-layer materials of an acrylate type, or two-layer Gravoply®
By destruction of the anodised surface of chemically coloured plates.
By activation of pigment molecules in the material (laser polycarbonate)


Digital printing

Digital printing (ink jet, offset, etc.) is achieved one print at a time, and is controlled by computer software. In this case, a number of files is created equal to the number of pieces desired.



  • Inventory labels
  • Company plates with serial numbers
  • Multilingual labels


  • Paper
  • Polymers (PET/PVC/PP/PE/PC)
  • Dual-layer materials (Gravoply®/Acrylate)
  • Aluminium plates with coloured backing

Customized metallic plate: what Gravic has to offer

At Gravic, we offer you a wide range of different metallic plates and labels to ensure information transparency and traceability of your industrial equipment. The plates we supply are resistant to external elements (temperature, humidity, chemical products, vibrations etc.) to guarantee that your product is consistently durable and robust. These resistance properties ensure that you get an industrial plate that is exceptionally durable and will accompany your equipment from the moment it is designed to when it is recycled.

For every industrial plate, Gravic offers you various base materials such as brass, aluminium, or stainless steel, as well as various finishes to give your plate a special aesthetic appearance: satin effect, shiny, matte, anodised etc… To ensure you get a unique, high-quality plate, we use various means of labelling for your customized metallic plate, such as chemical, metallic or laser etching, or even serigraphic printing.

Why choose Gravic for industrial plates?

Gravic, an industrial labelling specialist, allows you to enjoy the benefits of its 50+ years in the trade to make your industrial plate. Our renown with numerous clients across many different sectors is because we have always been committed to supplying you with high-quality labelling solutions at affordable prices. We are also well-known for our delivery service, since we get your custom-made metallic plate to you within 24 hours after you order! Last year, 96% of our deliveries arrived on time.


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