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Industrial decals

Industrial decals provide durable markings which can be transferred onto any surface.

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Dry Decal labels
Dry Decal labels

Dry decal labelling is a process for marking and identification which is similar to the decals used in marking on objects (plastic manufacturing, signage, decorative and advertising applications.)
It represents a good alternative to pad printing.

Gravic offers you two types of transfers:


Dry transfer

The decal is positioned with a blade, using pressure to ensure that the marking is transferred to the support.


Hot transfer

The decal, made of a heat-activated “iron-on” adhesive, is transferred with the combined use of pressure and a heat source.

Gravic Group offers you manufacturing capacities which range from small series (produced on sheets or in single pieces) up to mid-sized and large series (produced in rolls).


To facilitate precise placement of the transfer, we offer:

  • Special cutting of the support material, which can then be used as a template
  • Printing of positioning targets
Printing and letter cutting
Printing and letter cutting
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Letter cutting is marking without printing: it is simply material and nothing else. Logos are the primary application of letter cutting. Gravic offers cut letters on sheets or reels. All cut letter products are delivered with an application film which ensures that letters and/or logos stay positioned until placed on the support material. This film can be cut with a special stencil to be used as a template.


  • Marking of household appliances
  • Marking of electrical appliances
  • Advertising billboards
  • Vinyl (high resistance to UV / outdoor applications)
  • Polyester
  • Polycarbonate

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