Consider the choice of engravable label to durably mark your products

Enabling the identification of your raw materials or products throughout the processes of delivery, transport or usage, or to simply provide a suitable identification solution, is essential. Sometimes, traditional adhesive labels are not adapted to your specifications and it is therefore necessary to turn towards other ranges of technical labels. Today, we take a look at engravable labels, which are particularly durable identification solutions.

Engravable labels: a resistant and durable industrial identification label

An engravable tag consists of a multi-layered material on which your messages and graphics are engraved by mechanical, chemical or laser processes. Two processes stand out: the destruction of one of the upper layers of the label, thus creating a relief to shape your messages, or the decolourization of the pigments in the material according to a desired pattern.

Compared with classic industrial identification labels, engravable tag are more resistant: the multi-layer plate offers greater durability and conserves the readability of the message under any circumstances thanks to strongly contrasting colours. We can create bespoke engravable labels with more than three different marking colours, which enables you to combine practicality with attractive design.

What are the possible applications for engravable labels?

The durability and great visibility of engravable labels are ideal for printing barcodes, for example. For this type of functional marking it is essential to guarantee constant readability to ensure that the labels can be correctly scanned by your tools. It can also be used for the identification of automobile parts or electrical circuits: with a lamination adapted to product specifications, engravable labels can be used for numerous production processes. If you have a particular project that may require the use of this type of technical label, do not hesitate to contact us in order to study your request together.

Customized metal plate engraving for your signage or ornaments

Engraving can also be performed on metal plates in various materials such as aluminium, steel, brass or copper. Combined with silkscreen printing, you can thus obtain customized metal plates that will serve both for the identification and traceability of your products as well as signage for your company.

Their resistance to outdoor aggression ensures the visibility of your information, even when the metal plate is exposed to bad weather, impacts or chemical products. You will only need to define the most suitable means of attaching your plate (gluing, adhesion, screws or rivets) to obtain an extremely durable marking solution.