Security labels: an ideal solution to combat counterfeiting

Ensuring that your products are authentic is an essential step for all types of industries, especially if your brand is highly exposed to risks of spoofing or fraud. Integrating an identification procedure into your process, such as placing security labels, is an excellent solution to combat counterfeiting. Gravic, a maker of technical labels, presents to you a more detailed overview of these types of industrial labels.

Why should you label your products with security labels?

If your products are very well-known (for example, luxury ready-to-wear or electronic products), you are necessarily exposed to counterfeiting risks. Quite often, counterfeit products are of poor quality, which can damage your brand image with less well-informed customers. What’s more, sometimes these products can present security risks in use. This means that offering your customers a way to verify the authenticity of their purchase is essential.

Branding your products with security labels is an effective way to combat fraud: just add this step into your production or packaging lines, and the integrity of your product is assured throughout the logistics chain. Depending on the level of security you desire, Gravic offers you a variety of different types of anti-counterfeit labels to best meet your specifications.

Holographic labels: the ultimate anti-counterfeit solution

Holographic labels (also known as hologram labels) have a major security advantage: they cannot be falsified, because the level of technical sophistication makes it impossible to photocopy or counterfeit them. These adhesive labels are made of several layers of technical materials, which are worked to give a precise visual rendering, which can be used for quick identification of products with the naked eye. Holographic labels can be customised for dimensions, design and composition, and they can be made to leave behind a “void” inscription if they are removed, for added security.

Fighting fraud with destructible labels

Preventing your security labels from being removed or transferred is another consideration to bear in mind when selecting your branding solution. Destructible labels can be used to combat this kind of breach: they are destroyed if they are removed, which prevents perpetrators from sticking them onto another product or package subsequently.

Gravic offers you all types of destructible labels: blank, printed, holographic, etc. If you have any questions about our various industrial identification solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on +33 4 93 75 75 34, or send an email to [email protected]. Our teams will be glad to assist you with your project.