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All you need to know about a Superior Bonding Solution

If you were looking for a highly effective bonding solution – durable, flexible and cost-effective – you just found it! The superior solution nowadays that is hardly a choice for anyone is a High Performance Bonding Tape.

What is a High Performance Bonding tape?

It’s a two-sided adhesive tape for high performance bonding. It was first used in 1980 and became the strongest bond and seal solution from all other construction adhesives that ever existed.. Despite the incredible bonding, High Bond with foam tapes are highly durable and have a nice look and touch.

High Bond Tapes are made from an acrylic polymer material combined to form one substance. It permanently bonds a wide variety of surfaces. . It permanently bonds a wide variety of surfaces. After 72 hours, the bond becomes almost indestructible. It is commonly used for products that are in outdoor signs, construction, furniture manufacturing, cars, aerospace applications, and much more.

In short, High Bond with foam Tape is an efficient and permanent solution to both interior and exterior bonding. It’s far from a temporary fix and is designed to be a permanent method to bond any types of surfaces like metal, glass, wood, energy plastics and others.

Advantages of High Performance Bonding Tape

There are a lot of ways that you can benefit from using High Bond Tape, let’s summarize the most popular ones:

1. They have the strongest bond no matter the surface

High Bond Tape has been certified in the industry to have the strongest bonding solution. They are perfectly durable no matter the surface and will serve its purpose for many years. If combined with their elastic properties they can also absorb the shock of any load, making them ideal for both static and dynamic operations.

2. They work in extreme temperatures

High Bond with foam Tapes have a very high heat resistance, allowing the tape to maintain its bond up to temperatures of 230 °C (450°F) and in cold conditions as low as 0°C (32°F).

DID YOU KNOW that hotels in Dubai with glass panels on the exterior are installed using ONLY High Bond Tapes? And they are able to withstand the extreme desert sand storms.

3. They stretch and squeeze to any shape necessary

Most of traditional adhesives have a fixed shape and usually cause issues when there is a need of application on more complex parts. High Bond Tapes fix this problem immediately with its ability to stretch to any shape around the surface. Their foam-based material will fix any small irregularities and will guarantee a perfect fit and a powerful bond.

4. They’re almost invisible

This is why the appearance of the surface where you apply the tape improves drastically. The High Bond with foam tape goes invisible after application and makes the surface extra smooth.

5. They can bond completely different surfaces

Most of the traditional adhesives might limit you with all their specifications and application rules. Ex. some adhesives can only stick a specific type of surface with a certain type of bonding.

With High Bond Tape you won’t have any limitations at all. You can feel safe combining any kind of surfaces, even different ones, like wood and metal, or plastic and wood, etc.

6. Double Power

It is worth mentioning again that the High Performance Bonding Tape is a double sided tape meaning it has two sides of adhesive sticking. This way it can stick not only small sections and pieces but whole parts making it possible to use for bigger projects.

Thanks to over 50 years of experience in the field of adhesives, Gravic Group has worked with many different types of tapes and can therefore offer the best possible solutions.
We care about quality, appearance and durability, all of which High Bond Tapes provide without any compromise.

We closely partner with brand tapes like Tessa’s ACX plus or 3M’s VHB and can therefore offer the one that is most suitable to your project. It’s perfect if you are looking for a cost-efficient, durable, super bonding solution that is customizable and do not require any mechanical work. It will surely benefit your business and should absolutely  replace the old traditional fasteners!

Contact us for a more detailed and customizable offer tailored to your project. 

We are grateful for our close collaboration, and we are committed to continuing to evolve and progress to meet your requirements!

Improve your life with Gravic!

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