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Adhesives Part 2

Adhesives: types and applications. Part 2

After getting to know more about adhesives – their origins, types and application areas, we demonstrated that hardly any product surrounding us does not contain at least one adhesive – be it the label on a beverage bottle, protective coatings on automobiles, or profiles on window frames.

In this Blog article we would like to cover in more details the application areas of adhesives as well as the industries where they are used the most. You will also find out how the Gravic Group supports those industries with high quality adhesives.


Our adhesives have been modernized and developed for years to provide the highest quality to our clients. We constantly work on the research and investigate new ways to become more environmentally safe.

At Gravic Group we produce different types of adhesives for those major industries:

Packaging adhesives

Packaging is one of the largest markets for industrial adhesives. Anything you can purchase from groceries to car parts comes in some form of packaging. Depending on the products, different types of adhesives are manufactured to achieve the most effective use.

The main materials used for packaging are: Plastic, Paper, Foam and Aluminum. Both Plastic types, low-density and high density are used in packaging – from trash bags or shop bags to cosmetics bottles.
In terms of Paper packaging – boxes, boxboard or paperboards, paper bags are a daily occurrence in our lives. Labels and Seals for cartons are produced using a solvent based adhesives.
Foams can be found in products that need protection, for example when you order glass product or electronics, they usually come wrapped in a layer of foam.
Aluminum packaging is widely used within the food industry, for beverage cans for example. They can also be found on medication packaging and in the automotive industry.

Here are additional examples of the adhesives we produce on a daily basis for Packaging: carton-side seam and closures, composite bonding of disposable products, bags, labels, cups, speciality packages (cosmetics, toiletries), composite containers and tubes.

Automotive and Transportation

Adhesives for automotive bonding and other applications are absolutely essential depending on different assembly areas. At Gravic Group, we produce all types of automotive adhesives whether it’s needed for automotive interior, exterior, lightning or electronics, etc.

Among our product range you can find auto assemblies, gasket bonding, aircraft and aerospace structural assemblies. You can find out more about our Automotive range of products in our recent Brochure:

Due to the progress of E-mobility, we have further developed our thermal management solutions and gasketing.  For more information you can contact us via this link.


A very sensitive market where a high level of expertise is absolutely crucial. We produce Advanced adhesives for a wide range of biomedical and pharmaceutical applications, such as adhesive tapes, medical labels, devices markers and etc.

Industry and construction

Construction is one of the largest markets for adhesives as they are able to bond large surfaces and thick joints. Traditionally, bonding and sealing was done with cement, plaster and natural adhesives for ceramic tiles. Nowadays though, there are a lot more new materials that have been developed like:

  • Plastics
  • Plasterboard panels
  • Insulation foams
  • Wood-based panels (particle board), and
  • Many new synthetic raw materials for decoration

To share just a few products that we produce for the Construction market:

flooring installation, ceramic tile installation, countertop lamination, manufacture of prefabricated beams and trusses, carpet adhesives, flooring underlayment adhesives, installation of prefinished panels, joint cements, drywall lamination adhesives and covering installations, labels and stickers  for technical machines and equipment.


There are various adhesive tapes available within the Gravic Group for packaging, industrial, surgical, masking and consumer tapes.

Consumer adhesives

At Gravic Group, we cover all types of consumer adhesives such as model and hobby supplies, decorative films, school and stationery products, etc.

Conclusion and Perspectives

It’s essential to use the right adhesive for the right application. There are multiple factors that require attention. This is why we do not only rely on one single type of adhesive and we constantly expand our expertise and product range. Contact our consultants to find the right solution for your needs. We will provide more detailed information on the types of adhesives matching your needs and our quote.

We are grateful for our close collaboration, and we are committed to continuing to evolve and progress to meet your requirements!

Improve your life with Gravic!

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