Electrical insulation and thermal interface material

For more than 10 years, Gravic has specialised in the custom cutting of highly technical materials, such as TIMs (Thermal Interface Materials, also known as Thermal Pads), adhesives with high thermal conductivity and also electrical insulator plastic.

These materials are essential for the electrostatic or electromagnetic separation of components or simply to provide thermal insulation, particularly for electronic and computer equipment. Contact one of our experts now to order electrical insulation or thermal pads. We have proven expertise in many types of insulation: FR700 or UL 94 insulation, heat sinks, etc. We are sure to have the thermal or electrical management material you need.



Printed and cut parts


Electric and thermal management

Electric insulator plastic – a must for eliminating electrostatic fields

Gravic will guide you in choosing the insulating material cut out that best meet your requirements and specifications. Electrical insulators are essential for the elimination of electrostatic and electromagnetic fields that can impair the proper functioning of equipment and cause safety issues. Different standards exist for electrical insulation: FR700, Formex, UL 94 insulation, etc.

Gravic can carry out the lamination, bonding, shaping and cutting of the chosen insulating material cut out. In addition, please note that on some more sophisticated systems, it is possible to add conductivity by incorporating aluminium, copper or by printing with conductive ink.

Thermal dissipator and thermal pads: the solution for temperature fluctuations

All types of components, especially in electronics and information technology, are sensitive to temperature variations, which can lead to a reduction in the performance of certain systems and even to their deterioration. That is why the choice of an effective thermal pad is essential to properly protect your components from abnormally high temperatures that could damage them.

Indeed, with the development of electronics and the miniaturisation of components, which nevertheless continue to become more powerful, problems of overheating are frequent and the use of thermal dissipator has become essential. That is why Gravic offers a wide range of specific materials to best meet your thermal protection needs. We also offer a custom cutting service to provide you with silicone or graphite pads that will deliver the perfect solution for your requirements.

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